Spanish food and beverages

exporting Spain sells high quality gourmet Spanish products. We fill orders on both the mass consumption level as well as smaller, specialty orders.

our network of suppliers enables us to offer the best product at the best price. Our contacts with local small and medium sized producers, as well as agribusiness cooperatives guarantee top quality Spanish products.

many of our products have Protected Designation of Origin certification (PDO), meaning these designations are protected by European Union regulations.

we sell also products from other EU countries.

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Ginoro is a really different gin

we are worldwide exclusive distributors

it is a really different gin, we start from a base of tridestilled alcohols of the highest quality, specifically from Central Europe.

juniper, tangerine, angelica, lemon, cardamom, orange, coriander, bitter chamomile and our secret ingredient. This coupage is made in very old stills in a traditional way to keep all that flavor and aroma that characterizes it.